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(C) 2017 by Patrick  Thomas McCarthy ptmc


Companion Piece to REEKING of INDISCRETION: Madame X's Allerton

SYNOPSIS:   VARIED LIVES © 2017 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc
Mr. Donald John Falstaff, a brewing magnate from Milwaukee, striving for more than just a quiet weekend in the country, throws Mr. Fenton Philip Ford's estate, Ford Farms, and its all male cast of characters into chaos. Set in a time when gay marriage wasn’t even a topic for discussion and adoption the only legal recourse, VARIED LIVES examines the relationships of 6 men who opt for the only solutions available to them. "Modelled" upon Shakespeare’s MERRY WIVES of WINDSOR, VARIED LIVES is set in the 1930s American Midwest and loosely imagined from the life & times of American philanthropist Robert Allerton and Allerton Park.

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