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(C) 2018 by ptmc

TEMPEST © 2018 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy pTmC;

Characters 4 men 2 women; Pero – father to three children, survivalist, magician [50s/60s]; Miranda – daughter to Pero [20s/30s]; Cal – son to Pero [20s/30s]; Ariel – daughter to Pero [20s]; Nando – handsome stranger in a strange land [20s/30s]; Stefano – sidekick [20s /30s] SETTING: A survivalist enclave SYNOPSIS: A father captures two strangers he will groom to give as gifts to two of his three children in a post-apocalyptic world. Will the strangers civilize his children or compound their savagery? "Oh brave new world" that has the other in't.

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