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What if Ray Cooney, Georges Feydeau & Shakespeare had a baby?
Midnight's Dream might come out...

SYNOPSIS: In the outer halls of the U.S. Congress, two congresspeople, Theseus O'Baron and Hippolyta "Polly" Blackbottom, have congress regarding their own sexlife and that of a constituent’s daughter, while four congressional staffers including Mz. Bette Bottom and Quin Quince are enlisted to provide entertainment, The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisby, for a fundraiser at the Kennedy Center, or will financial constraints force them to move to the Alexandria Little Theatre? All involved end up at Camp Weekend Transgressions in the Woods of Merryland where the lovers have fled to escape D.C. madness, and everyone goes to rehearse the madness that ensues.  A pageant in a dungeon and miscues with an air mattress and pup tent feed the farce of young and old love gone amiss.

A rather fanciful/farcical Adaptation of Shakespeare's

A Midsummer Night's Dream

7 Men 5 Women 

Congressman Theseus O'Baron
Congresswoman Hippolyta Blackbottom / A.K.A. Titania Whipmaster
Colonel Edgeus Edge
Mr. Phineas Puck - The Congressman's Chief of Staff
Demitri Demigoggins - a Russian operative with Book of Face Specialization
Sandy Lysander Lackluster - Congressional Staff Member
Hermia Edge / The Edger  - Colonel Edge's daughter
Helena Jane Hathaway - the Congressman's Secretary
Mz. Bette Bottom / Pyramus - Congressional Staffer
Quin Quince / Wall/Dog/Moonshine - Congressional Staffer
Frankie Flute / Thisby - Congressional Staffer
Ms. Snug Robin Starveling / Lion - Congressional Staffer

*Midnight's Dream is a direct result of a Vermont Studio Center Writing Residency and Fellowship

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