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(C) 2013 by Patrick Thomas McCarthy ptmc


The LEARS: Fools of Fortune Suggested by Shakespeare's KING LEAR, this contemporary American telling has an Alzheimers addled Captain of Industry, Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear, gathering those closest to him for an advance reading of his last will & testament at Thanksgiving dinner. He has sold the family estate, and will go to live with those that love him best. Will his daughters Anneril and Reagan retain the family wealth & to what lengths will they go to do so? Will disinherited gay son Cord, reappear as home health care nurse, Cordelia Learson? And will the Storr family, Glen Storr Esquire, Edmond "Monty" Storr, and Edgar "Ned" Storr find their way into the tangle? Homicide, a blinding, poisonings, betrayal, abuse, sibling rivalries, cross dressing, arm wrestling and even loyalty, redemption & love find their way into the turbulent mix. Characters: 5 men 2 women Mr. Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear – patriarch, man of business Ms. Anneril Lehman Lear – oldest daughter Ms. Reagan Lehman Lear – the other daughter Mr. Cord Lehman Lear/ Ms. Cordelia Learson – youngest child Mr. Glen Storr, Esquire – business partner, family attorney Mr. Edgar “Ned” Storr/ Ned o’ Bedlam – primary son, not straight Mr. Edmond “Monty” Storr – bastard son, personal trainer, escort, straight Settings: Homes of wealth on the heath, two locations on the heath Scene 1: Thanksgiving – Lear’s Dining Room Scene 2: Breaking Promises – Cord & Ned’s Bedroom - The Storr House Scene 3: Arm Wrestling – Lear’s Bedroom Scene 4: Help Me Get Dressed – Cord & Ned’s Bedroom - The Storr House Scene 5: Cordelia’s Here - Lear’s Bedroom Scene 6: We Will See the Sisters – Cord & Ned’s Bedroom –The Storr House Scene 7: The Sister’s Lair – The Family Room - Reagan’s Home on the Heath Scene 8: Blow Winds The Heath Scene 9: Another Half of the Heath The Heath Scene 10: The Foreclosed Family Room – Reagan’s Home on the Heath Scene 11: The Eternal Flame - The Heath Scene 12: The Foreclosed Family Room – Reagan’s Home on the Heath Scene 13: Nine Months to One Year Later - The Storr House Running Time: 92 minutes [No Intermission]

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