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Madame X's Allerton

The Chicago Tribune’s Madame X, society doyenne Caroline Kirkland (1865-1930) declared Robert Allerton (1873–1964) Chicago’s most eligible bachelor in 1906.  His personal relationship with Caroline Kirkland, and his intimate relationship with John Wyatt Gregg Allerton (1899-1986), his longtime companion, and adopted-as-an-adult son, are best imagined by inventing what their correspondence might have been. Bridging two centuries, what words might have passed between these three brightly shining stars that helped shape the course of art, landscape architecture, the future of celebrity journalism and LGBTQ issues that were only imagined in the early 20th century. An epistolary intrigue of historical truth and fiction for two men and one woman.


Similar to A. R. Gurney’s Love Letters, Madame X’s Allerton can be staged very simply, with the three actors sitting at writing tables where they simply read the script. Using projections of the titles, news stories, locations, and people in the stories would certainly enhance the storytelling but is not essential.

Running Time

Timed at 90 minutes in one act

(51 pages spaced in written letter format, 12pt type)

FringeNYC BYOV October 2019

Click Here

Madame X in performance at

Chain Studio Theatre

312 W. 36th St NYC 4th Floor

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